Tickets To SNL and The Daily Show, Anyone?

on January 28, 2019


For over 40 years, the revolving cast of Saturday Night Live has provided biting commentary on the times through sketch comedy. More than 120 cast members have graced the stage, from the likes of Bill Murray to Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley to Adam Sandler, and Tina Fey to Andy Samberg — the list goes on.

To watch it on TV is one thing; to see it in action how they pull off 90 minutes of fast paced comedy is a rare treat.

This NYC mainstay is where some of the world’s biggest bands made their mark; it’s also where politicians have wooed voters, and where many controversial issues of the day have spent time in the limelight.

So, how do we get tickets to this thing you ask? Advance tickets are only available by e-mailing during the the month of August for the upcoming season.

If you’re in town and want to take your chances, standby tickets are available in person. On the day of each taping, standby tickets are given out at 7 a.m. on the 49th Street side of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10012. Aside from “minimal, necessary breaks,” there is no leaving and coming back to the standby line. It’s first come, first served. You’ll get one standby ticket only, and you’ll be able to choose if it’ll be for the 8 p.m. dress rehearsal or the 11:30 p.m. live taping.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Trevor joined The Daily Show in 2014 as a special correspondent, and within a year, Jon Stewart tapped him to be his successor at the anchor desk. Delivering a nightly dose of real news with a sense of humour, Trevor adds a layer of bemused “outsider” amusement as he reports on American News from coast to coast.

Tickets to the daily show are FREE and available online here. Some same-day tickets are available and instructions can be found on the same page on how you can grab a seat.

Traveller Tip: Many show tapings in NYC are FREE. Be wary of third party sites offering tickets for sale. Always double check the show you’re interesting in seeing by visiting the official page and following the ticket link.

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