Voila! The Best Bagel Bakeries In Montreal

on February 20, 2019

bagels from montreal

Looking for Montreal-style bagels?

Indeed, no trip to Quebec is complete without picking up a dozen freshly baked bagels from Montreal. Montreal bagels are famous for a reason: they are carefully hand rolled from scratch, boiled in honey sweetened water, and baked inside a wood burning oven. Skinnier than their New York bagel-cousins, Montreal bagels render more of a differentiation factor than their wider (and pillow-y) center.

If you’re in Montreal looking for the best bagels in the city, here are three locations that have Montreal-ers trumpeting the best bagels in Canada — if not in North America!

St-Viateur Bagel

bagel shop montreal
Located at 263 av. St-Viateur West, this 24/7 bakery has been a favourite since 1957.  These bagels are a tiny bit longer and skinnier than Fairmount and one of the best things about St-Viateur is that you can order their bagels online. Although this bakery makes bagels in a variety of flavours, you are limited to sesame and poppy seed online — for now.

Fairmount Bagel

fairmont bagels montreal
Located at 74 Fairmount West, and yes, open 24/7 (Montrealers are serious about their bagels), Fairmont Bagel was the first bagel shop in Montreal. Opened in 1919, it’s still occasionally referred to as the “original” bagel shop. Despite the many flavours, their traditional sesame, plain and poppy reins supreme and most popular. You can also choose from a slew of other variations, such as: All dressed, cinnamon raisin, garlic, chocolate chip and caraway. They also have variations made with whole wheat flour.

Whichever shop you choose, you must stop in and get one fresh out of the oven. Add a little butter, maybe a smidge of cream cheese. Then, grab (at least) a dozen to bring home.

But what say you Weekenders?

Who has the best bagels: Montreal or New York?

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