No Quacking on This Boston Duck Tour

on February 22, 2019

Boston Duck Tour

If you’d like to take a Weekendtrip to Boston and want to experience Beantown for the first time in a unique way, the Boston Duck Tour might be just the idea you are looking for.

Visitors can enjoy a fully-narrated and historic tour of Boston in a “DUCK.” No, I don’t mean the kind that swims in water and has a beak. It’s a World War II style amphibious landing craft that travels on both land and water. You’ll get to cruise by all the hotspots in Massachusetts.

The tour will be led by… wait for it… a ConDUCKtor who drives the vehicle right into the Charles River for an unparalleled view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines.

The 2019 season begins in March (y’know, once things thaw out). For those who like to plan ahead, more information is available at

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