Chicago Distilling Company Opens Its Doors

on January 14, 2014


While breweries are opening at a rapid pace in Chicago, distilleries are few and far between.

With that disclaimer, Chicago’s third distillery in the last six months opened last week and the new Chicago Distilling Company (2359 N. Milwaukee Ave) joins CH Distillery and Rhine Hall Distillery in Logan Square.

The distillery is owned by the DiPrizio family and specializes in vodka and white whiskey. Their goal is to produce 2500 cases in their first year which will result in 25,000 bottles being produced.

Tours of the location are available for $10 and take place on weekends (perfect for us Weekendtrippers). The tours involve tastings and focus on the distilling process and the differences between the different types of spirits.

There is also a tasting room where Perennial Virant’s Shannon Bandur serves up cocktails for $9 and uses spirits that are made on the site itself. Vodka bottles are available for $28 and a $375mi bottle of whiskey is available for $22.

The beverages that are produced at the Chicago Distilling Company are titled with names that are Chicago-centric. A statue of Ceres (the Roman goddess of grain) sits on top of the Board of Trade building) and her name is used for some of the vodka that is produced. The white whiskey that is available is named “Shorty’s,” an homage to one of the owners’ grandfather whose family distilled in Wisconsin and was the inspiration for the family opening the location.

If you prefer gin and bourbon to vodka and whiskey, the Chicago Distilling Company is currently aging their versions of these in barrels and expect them to be ready to serve in approximately 18 months.

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