Your Guide To Running In Detroit

on September 4, 2013

Running In Detroit

In the time it would take me to drive to and from the gym, I can have my workout done. Best of all, it doesn’t cost me a thing. All I have to do is put on my shoes, run out the door, and I’m on my way to burning calories. You can do the same running in Detroit. Here’s how:

Get a Good Pair of Shoes
One of the best parts of running is its simplicity. All you really need is a pair of running shoes to get started. But get them at a specialty running store, such as Midtown’s RUNdetroit, where trained professionals will evaluate your feet, watch you run and recommend the right shoes that will help keep you pain- and injury-free.

Find a Place to Train
There’s no shortage of running paths in the Detroit area. In the city, the outer perimeter of Belle Isle provides nearly a 6-mile run. (As your endurance builds, create a 10-mile — or longer — route using the interconnected roads throughout the interior of the island.) The RiverWalk also offers a 5.5-mile pathway spanning from the Ambassador Bridge eastward along the Detroit River to Belle Isle.

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