Whale Watching In Los Angeles

on September 27, 2013


Depending on what time of year you visit Los Angeles, whale watching is a great way to spend a morning. The Voyager Excursions in Redondo Beach are the nearest location to the city and one of the best prices to go whale watching in South California at $25 per adult for a three hour trip.

Whale watching season runs from December through to April but the company regularly updates their Facebook page with details of sightings and changes to the schedules. You may see Gray, Minke, Fin, and Humpback whales and if you are really lucky maybe Blue whales – the largest animal ever known to live! Dolphins are usually plentiful and pods of up to 100+ dolphins are often spotted, usually Common Dolphins or Bottlenose who like to swim along side the boat.

You can buy tickets online before you go to ensure you get a place or at the marina. Be sure to pack sunscreen, your camera and a sweater or jacket as it can get cold on the water, even in the summer. The boat has an onboard snack shop but you can take snacks and drinks with you. Each tour has a naturist who does a fantastic job telling you all about the sea life you see.

In the off-season, Voyager Excursions take passengers on an hour-long nature tour for $10 per person during which you can see pelicans, dolphins and seals among other sea life.

After your excursion, you can warm up with a craft beer and delicious burger at Kegs, opposite the Voyager on the Redondo boardwalk.