Wanna Rock Out? Check Out Our List Of New York City Metal Bars

on June 21, 2013

One thing’s for sure. Headbanging makes you thirsty.

New York City rockers rejoice! There are now a variety of watering holes dedicated to serving patrons who prefer their music loud and proud.

While most of us know what a heavy metal band sounds like, chances are you probably don’t know what a heavy metal bar looks like. Fear not, once-ostracized music fans. Weekendtrips has you covered.

Here are some great metal bars for you to check out and experience what they are like for yourself.

Saint Vitus

1120 Manhattan Ave., New York NY)

One of the darkest bars around, you will feel a little like you are on an episode of True Blood as there are red candles, stained-glass windows, and even upside down crosses used as decoration here. Believe it or not, Saint Vitus also has a 150-year old Bible on display. It obviously isn’t your granddaddy’s Cheers. While the watering hole is easy to miss with no visible sign or nameplate, if you do manage to make your way inside, you can expect a great beer selection and a stage in the back for live-music. The venue hosts about five shows a week and has been known to feature major headliners in the past.


168 Marcy Ave, New York NY)

Duff’s might as well be the definition of metal bar. Immediately upon walking in, you will be jarred by the red lights and insanely loud music. You can expect to see more ink than a carton of pens and some beers are available for only $1 if you get there before 9 p.m. The retro jukebox has a particularly hair-raising influence, including tracks from Mastodon and Cro-Mags).

Lucky 13 Saloon

273 13th St., New York NY)

Is the devil you know better or worse than the devil you don’t? Lucky 13 uses creeptacular baby dolls as part of its décor and features specialty drinks (I’d stay away from trying to get away with a Cosmo) but its special feature is a stripper pole that is built directly into the bar itself.