Visit Kramerbooks, The Dupont DC All-Night Spot To Find Food For The Mind

on August 8, 2013

KramerBooksThere’s no place on Earth quite like Kramerbooks (1517 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC), a landmark of the Dupont DC Circle neighborhood.  This isn’t just a store, it’s a hot spot for reading, eating, chatting and exploring, and it’s open 24 hours on weekends so you’ll never be turned away during your visit.  Even the President has made time in his schedule for a family shopping trip!

Kramerbooks was founded in 1976, and has been “serving latte to the literati” ever since.  Coffee, alcohol, food, desserts and books – it has everything except living space for those who never want to leave.  The bookstore is called “Afterwords,” a quippy title that distinguishes the shelves from the café tables.  If reading puts you to sleep (especially in the middle of the night), try people-watching – the variety of clientele is a stunning tribute to American diversity.  There’s music every Wednesday – Saturday night, as well.

It’s easily accessible on the metro, since it’s just across the street from the red line at Dupont Circle (1517 Connecticut Avenue NW).  See you there!