Killer Cross Your Way Into Venice Beach For A Pickup Basketball Game This Weekend

on July 11, 2013

venice beach

Looks like you got the case of the ‘basketball jones’ fellow Weekendtripper, and you can’t wait to run, hit a few jumpers, drop a few dimes, and posterize any head in your path. Cool.

So if you’re in Los Angeles looking for a pick up game, make your way to Venice Beach: basketball heaven; home to an ocean of world-class streetballers both young and old.

The real deal breaker? Aside from spotting the odd celebrity running up and down its smooth cement floor, Venice Beach basketball is famous for its ocean view. Being only a short walk to the North Pacific ocean, streetballers also get to take a dip in the beach and cool off after a hard run.

Games go on all week and the best time to show up is on the weekend [of course].

If you’re looking for something a bit more organized, there’s also a Venice Beach Basketball League [VBL] that kicks in after the NBA season. The VBL is a televised streetball basketball league and it’s structured through multiple team-owners, sponsors, coaches, signed players, schedules, rosters, records, mascots, cheerleaders, stats, and tournament-style playoffs.

Indeed, if basketball heaven was what you’re looking for, Venice Beach is nothing less than godly — swish.

For more information check out the official Venice Beach Basketball website.

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