Underground Railroad Tours In Niagara Falls

on April 8, 2013

Underground Railroad Tour

While Black History Month is in February, you can still learn about the Underground Railroad era with a local tour company.

Established in 2004, Niagara Bound Tours was established in 2004 and specializes in customized Canadian Black history attraction tours, with its featured excursion known as “The Crossing Point Tour.”

The company’s mandate is to provide patrons with a better understanding of the migration of Afro-Americans as they escaped slavery in the mid-19th century and settled in southern Ontario.

Tour participants will be shocked when they experience what the slaves had to do in order to escape their perilous positions. In addition to the simulation, the tour guides will also offer the historical background of exactly what occurred with narratives from that time in history.

Tour sites include:

– Landing point of Josiah Henson
– Character used in the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
– Harriet Tubman’s church
– Anthony Burns’ grave

The tour is conducted by a descendant of a Freedom Seeker from Kentucky.

The cost per person is $40 and reservations are required.

Here is a preview video:

To register call 905-685-5375 or email contact@niagaraboundtours.com. More information is available at NiagaraBoundTours.com