Toronto Rides Gravy Train to First Poutine Festival

on September 3, 2013


Just last week, hundreds gathered into the Beer Academy for five hours of all-you-can-eat poutine mayhem dished up by events company Joylister. It was Toronto’s first Poutine Festival and it brought out the curd lover in all.

Five restaurants took place in the first Poutine Festival showcasing all that they had in the fries, curds and gravy combos. Some kept it simple but some went over the top and fabulous. The event was $35 and sold out within 2-minutes of tickets going on sale. For those lucky enough to get in, indulge they did!

As we navigated our way through the Beer Academy and made our “Poutine Routine”, we went into the basement to check out Great Burger Kitchen’s Butter Chicken Poutine. This was the one I was simply dying to check out, as I have a thing for rich Indian flavours and disappointed I was not. The sauce was light and creamy and the chicken was juicy & tender. I have always been afraid to try variations of butter chicken anything for fear of the butter chicken sauce being too heavy. But for this portion size, Great Burger Kitchen knocked it out of the park.

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