Plan Your Prom Theme At The Toronto Prom Show

on February 27, 2013

Toronto Prom Show

Much to every father’s chagrin, the countdown to graduation and highschool proms is on.

Easily the most exciting event in a young girl’s life, the pressure to secure the perfect dress, date, and corsage can be overwhelming. Luckily for parents and tweens, the Prom Show takes place this weekend and is the perfect way to address any perennial paranoia about prom.

The fashion-forward event hits Toronto’s Brama & Bluma Appel Salon in Toronto’s Reference Library (789 Yonge St., Toronto ON) from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday and features many different exhibitors.

Highlights include:

– Attendees receiving a $10 gift card to
– A Justin Bieber concert ticket giveaway
– The set-up of many mini salons where girls will be able to get their hair and nails done on-site
– A photo booth where attendees can take fun pics to remember their time planning their prom before their prom
– A silk screening seminar by PeachBerserk

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    Thank you for this great piece – maybe we’ll see you at next year’s Show!
    Stay tuned to our website at for photos from the weekend 🙂