Toronto ComiCon Interview With InnerSpace’s Ajay Fry & Cynthia Loyst

on March 18, 2013


There is nothing like immersing yourself in a ComiCon.

From inordinate numbers of adult males dressed up as Batman to girls in barely-there costumes and autographs available from practically every star from every incarnation of Star Trek, the experience is overwhelming, unusual, and completely unique.

While the official Comic Convention takes place every summer in San Diego, Toronto has quickly been developing a reputation as a haven for Marvel and DC addicts.

Fan Expo Canada throws its main event every August featuring heavy-hitters from the anime, horror, sci fi and comic industries. In recent years, its lighter March production of Toronto ComiCon has proven to be just as compelling to fans of the genre and truly offers something for everyone.

The team checked out the event a couple of weekends ago and put together a photo gallery of the event. We were there when the original cast of Star Trek opened up the event with a ribbon cutting on Saturday and also interviewed Orphan Black’s Jordan Gavaris. The show premieres on March 30 and you can look for our interview soon here at Weekendtrips.

Speaking of SPACE, I also talked to Ajay Fry and Cynthia Loyst , hosts of InnerSpace who gave me some ComiCon survival tips and told me about what they were the most excited to see at the event.

The interview is available here:

InnerSpace airs weeknights on SPACE at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

The Future Prophecy - Toronto ComiCon

The Future Prophecy is a graphic novel series by Sara Simms Productions that features Torontoian DJs and musicians as superheroes and villains. The characters in The Future Prophecy each represent their own musical style and sound, from reggae to dubstep, to rock, techno and electro, and perform live together as superhero/villain collective.

Another one of my personal highlights was talking to Sara Simms, creator of The Future Prophecy graphic novel series. The characters in The Future Prophecy are all musicians with their own style and sound from reggae, rock, techno and electro. In addition to the novel which is available for purchase, Simms throws themed-parties that she deejays where the characters from her story all perform as a unique superhero/villain musical collective.

A preview video is available here:

And for more information on The Future Prophecy, check out

All in all, Toronto ComiCon was a great way to kick off March Break and we’re already planning what we are doing next weekend…