Top Five Unusual Hotels in New York City

on December 10, 2013

The Gershwin Hotel

New York City is an extraordinary city – and if you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary accomodations, we’ve got five hotels that will make your stay as interesting as the time your spend exploring the city. You won’t find beige palettes and predictable decor here!

  • Hotel On Rivington: At first glance this hotel looks like a glass condo building – but one you are inside you’ll realize it actually has a very unique vibe. You’ll appreciate the design of what are basically glass rooms – views of the city, as far as the eye can see, surrounding you on almost every side. It’s definitely cool, sleek, and might make any acrophobic (person with a fear of heights) very nervous. The truly unique rooms with floor to ceiling windows are on the 18the and 19floors. Located in the Lower East Side. Price range: $$$
  • The Night Hotel: Dark and dramatic, the Night Hotel’s noir-inspired atmosphere is unique and provocative. The chic black and white decor is at the same time inviting, gothic and a little bit “rock-star.” It’s a boutique hotel, with 72 rooms, and small enough to have an intimate feel and a personalized touch. Conveniently located located in Midtown, close to Times Square. Price range: $$
  • The Library Hotel:Ā This themed hotel is designed to look like a library – but not just any ordinary book repository: it is elegantly decorated with dark wood bookcases, filled with all kinds of word-treasures. it has 60 rooms in 10 floors, and each floor reflects a category: Math, Literature, Science, Languages, etc. The building was never a library (at least not until now), but it is located only one block from the New York Public Library on Madison Avenue. Don’t miss the wine and cheese receptions (on some evenings)! Located Midtown. Price range: $$$$
  • The Gershwin: Pop art can be polarizing, and so at first glance this hotel may look a bit strange. The outside is bright red with awnings and lamps that look like they could have been made with papier-mache. Inside it’s a bit more tame, but still has each floor decorated with prints from a different artist, as well as two original Liechtensteins, and soup can autographed by Andy Warhol in the lobby. Located near the Empire State building, and the Museum of Sex. Price range: $$
  • The Jane: A bit of a back-in-time experience – the room decor is inspired by vintage ship cabins. There are old-fashioned bell-hops with round caps and maids in black and white uniforms. At the check-in counter, there is a stuffed monkey with a fez hat. Some interesting bits of history here though, the hotel first opened in 1908, and in 1912 it served as a shelter for survivors of the Titanic. A nice touch: the hotel offers complementary bikes. Located in the West Village. Price range: $$

Did we miss your favorite unusual spot? Do you know of other noteworthy, creative sleep-spaces? Let us know in the comments below.

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