Top 5 TIFF Celebrity Hangouts Every Fan Should Know

on August 29, 2013

The city of Toronto is preparing to shut down next week and one of the questions that Weekendtrips gets most often is where to find celebrities during the Toronto International Film Festival.

While we all know that the answer is parties, the question is not so much about which dress to put on, but which party to try to get into. Here’s our insider’s guide on how you can get that photo with your favourite movie star you’ve been dying to get.

1. Brassaii

461 Queen St. W, Toronto ON

Last year Brassaii was the place to be if you wanted to find a TIFF party (intentional rhyme). If you walked by the Toronto restaurant and lounge last year, you would have seen David Blaine performing magic tricks for Selena Gomez. True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard also frequented the location along with Jason Bateman.

Why is Brassaii so popular? It’s primarily because it is where the Hollywood Reporter conducts all of its interviews but also because it’s multi-functionality allows for it to be a party hotspot at night.

2. Drake

Drake Hotel
1150 Queen St. W., Toronto ON

Definitely one of the TIFF hot spots, the Drake is one of the easier options to ‘sneak’ into and you always have the option of grabbing a room for the night there. It’s definitely worth it. Last year, Peaches performed an electro concert in the basement and celebs walk in and out almost consistently. Adrian Grenier was a regular and Tom Green and TIFF Director Cameron Bailey were also seen there. You can expect at least one major event to take place at The Drake. It’s a sure thing.

3.La Societe

La Societe

131 Bloor St. W., Toronto ON

If you’re looking for high society, you will definitely find it at La Societe. The Charles Khabouth bistro also serves as a club and it was where Paul Haggis hosted his Artists For Peace party last year. If last year is an indication, some of Hollywood’s best and brightest will stop by as the 2012 guest list included Amy Adams, Bill Murray and Joaquin Phoenix.

4.Thompson Rooftop

Thompson Hotel Rooftop Bar

A Weekendtrips favourite, the T in TIFF might as well stand for Thompson as the relatively new hotel has the best rooftop in the city. Last year, it attracted some of the most high-profile stars including Bradley Cooper and Kate Hudson. One of the biggest appeals is the fact that it stays open until 4 a.m. every night of TIFF.550 Wellington St. W.

5.Spoke Club

Spoke Club

600 King St. W., Toronto ON

The Spoke Club is always a hip TIFF option and attracts more of a professional and industry crowd. Last year’s attendees included Clive Owen, Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson. The only thing stronger than the drinks are the prices and this year, Spoke Club will also host its Nikki Beach pop-up which Bradley Cooper attended last year.