Top 3 Places To Eat In Chicago To Avoid The Crowds From Millennium Park

on August 26, 2013


The crowds at Millennium Park in Chicago can get overwhelming.  When a $5 hot dog from a stand doesn’t sound refreshing, and you are looking for places to eat in Chicago where you can escape the rush, the nearby Lake Shore East Park (333 E. Benton Place) is a great choice.  Locals and visitors alike gather here for great food and views of Chicago’s architecture.

Enjoy a quick bite at Mariano’s Fresh Market (Suite 206).  There’s free parking and an almost overwhelming variety of food for take-out.  Traditional grocery foods are piled high, and full-service counters provide restaurant-style breakfast, sandwiches, and beverages.   On the second floor, an outdoor dining patio provides a great view of the surrounding skyscrapers; on the lower level, the park is a great place for a picnic.

For a casual dining experience, Eggy’s is the place to be (Suite 103).  You’ll likely wait for a table but the park makes the down time enjoyable.  Eggy’s has all your favorite tried-and-true breakfast and lunch options in a relaxed atmosphere.  If you’re eating alone or with a friend be sure to sit at the breakfast bar – the staff provides great conversation, and there are always interesting movies playing on the TV.

Mezcalina (Suite 100) provides upscale food for those who appreciate excellent Mexican flavors.  The  dishes feature authentic Mexican ingredients and the walls feature beautiful artwork from Mexican artists.  You’ll want to stay awhile so bring a big appetite!

  • Eggy’s Fan

    I am on board with Beth’s recommendations. Eggy’s is the BEST breakfast/lunch/casual restaurant around! Mariano’s is great for grab and go; and Mezcalina is awesome for something different.