Philadelphia’s Titanic Exhibition Brings Memories Back To Life

on March 22, 2013

Titanic The Artifact Exhibition

If you know all the lyrics to “My Heart Will Go On” and consider yourself to be the king of the world, a Philadelphia exhibit might just make you pass out with excitement.

You can travel back to 1912 and experience the legend of Titanic like never before at The Franklin Institute with its Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition that runs until April 7. There are more than 300 authentic artifacts recovered from the ocean floor.

The 15,000 foot exhibition takes visitors on a chronological journey through the life of the Titanic, from its legend to what life was like on board.

The specific focus is on the stories of its passengers, offering an incredibly humanizing account of what really happened. Rooms are recreated, from china etched with the logo of the White Star Line to perfume from a maker who was on-board to sell his samples, the memorabilia serve as a haunting reminder of the lives that ended so sadly.

Here is a video preview of the exhibit:

And here is one of the sample stories that you will hear about:

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