Tickets To SNL and Colbert Report, Anyone?

on September 9, 2013


For more than 35 years, the revolving cast of Saturday Night Live has provided biting commentary on the times through sketch comedy.

More than 120 cast members have graced the stage, from the likes of Bill Murray to Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley to Adam Sandler, and Tina Fey to Andy Samberg — the list goes on.

Time to attend a live taping and put a big old checkmark on the bucket list.

This NYC mainstay is where some of the world’s biggest bands made their mark; it’s also where politicians have wooed voters, and where many controversial issues of the day have spent time in the limelight. Remember Sinead O’Connor tearing up that picture of Pope John Paul II?

So, how do we get tickets to this thing you ask? Well, generally it’s an e-mail lottery, but you can just show up for a chance at stand-by tickets if you’re not afraid to risk being disappointed. Advance tickets are available by e-mailing in the month of August only.  Strange but true.

Stand-by tickets are distributed at 7 a.m. on the 49th St. side of 30 Rockefeller Plaza on the mornings of the show. You may choose a stand-by ticket for either the 8 p.m. dress rehearsal or the 11:30 p.m. live broadcast.

Tickets To The Colbert Report

While political satirist Stephen Colbert doesn’t have quite the legacy of SNL, he’s arguably funnier on a more consistent basis than the hit-and-miss comedy from the SNL ensemble. Not to mention, tickets to The Colbert Report are slightly easier to come by, at least to an extent.

The show is in very high demand, yes, but it’s worth it to keep an eye on the show’s ticket page here.  If tickets aren’t available, you can sign up to receive e-mails about future availability, which can make for a nice surprise down the line!

If you don’t know who Colbert is, you can check out some of his comedy here. Let’s just say he loves America more than you do. This man, although a comedian, has had substantial cultural and political influence since he moved on from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show around 2005.

Colbert’s character on this show is a combination of Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera. His deadpan style is wordy, silly and thoughtful, always giving viewers a different approach to news and politics.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this studio audience. It’s known for being part of the fun, as Colbert enjoys interactions with the common man.




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