Three Stunning Travel Time-Lapse Videos Curated To Inspire You

on September 11, 2013

under water scuba

Hello there fellow Weekendtripper: looks like you’re running low on inspiration, searching for something…Anything to get you out the door and back on to the travellers road once again.

Don’t fret.

Weekendtrips has got you covered, assembling three time-lapse videos from our Tumblr account, sure to re-awaken that travel bug. Enjoy!

Cityscape Chicago

Inspired by a fascination with Chicago and the city’s aura after dark, Eric Hines showcases the Windy City in 30, 000 still photographs. His camera of choice? A Canon 5D Mark lll. Watch as each frame blows by…All to the tune of “Transcendence” by The American Dollar, of course.

Hawaii Volcanoes

Coming from a seasoned veteran, photographer/videographer QT Luong has all 59 US National Parks under his belt. Here, we bare witness his attempt to capture the Hawaiian Volcanoes in a 3-minute-and-three-second time-lapse; including jaw-dropping shots of Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano. How did get all that footage? Watch and find out.


Yes, it has already been 3 years since Simon Christen released, “The Unseen Sea,” finally unveiling his latest project, “Adrift,” a love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area. Watch Simon master the Marin Headlands, and catch the San Francisco fog adrift, accompanied with music by Jimmy LaValle.