Things To Do With Kids In Washington: Explore DC On A Boat

on December 5, 2013


If you are looking for fun things to do with kids in Washington, one of our top recommendations is Key Bridge Boathouse (3500 Water St NW, Washington DC).

The Washington D.C. staple was originally known as Jack’s Boathouse and has been open since 1954. The location offers canoe, kayak and rowboat rentals right from the center of Georgetown. It also plans to change its name once again to Memorial Bridgehouse

The water is really the best way to see the city and in addition to offering a unique perspective to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., spending time rowing also ensures some tired kids who will fall asleep quite easily when you return home.

In addition to promoting physical activity and picturesque vantage points, exploring the city on a boat also offers your children a chance to appreciate and understand the city that they live in.

It’s definitely an educational ride.

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  1. How about going up to the top of the observation deck of the Washington Monument. How can you go up there? To reserve online, you must plan weeks or even months in advance. Cost $1.50 per ticket. You can also get same-day timed tickets by showing up early at the Washington Monument Lodge — a one story small white stone building set off 15th Street between Jefferson and Madison Drives in front of the Washington Monument. A ticket window opens at 8:30 AM behind this small building and gives out same day timed tickets first come first serve up to 6 tickets. Completely free. During the summer months, you should really try to be there before 8:30 in order to be sure of getting a ticket. If you are with others, one of you could also go to get the same day tickets available from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing a few blocks away as well as from the Holocaust Museum next door. They are also free.

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