Things To Do In Washington: Sit With Albert Einstein This Weekend

on June 19, 2013

Einstein Memorial

Tired of the crowds and tour buses surrounding all of the monuments in DC? Still looking for things to do in Washington?

Take a break from it all and pay tribute to another great American at the National Academy of Science’s Albert Einstein Memorial.  Located in front of the NAS building at 2101 Constitution Avenue NW, the 12-foot high statue of Einstein, created by Robert Berks, welcomes visitors to a quiet summary of mathematic accomplishments. 

The statue rests on white granite steps, seemingly inviting visitors to sit next to him and ponder life’s questions.  In front of the statue is displayed a 28-foot star map that uses 2,700 metal studs to represent planets, sun, moon, stars and other celestial objects. 

Children who aren’t entertained by the mathematical equations carved into the paper held by Einstein’s statute are likely to enjoy the seemingly magical acoustics: when standing in the center of the star map, even a whisper carries to the corners of the granite steps.

If you still need more time away from the crowds, visit the Kennedy Center.  The bust of John F. Kennedy in the Center’s Grand Foyer is another masterpiece by Robert Berks.