SPY Exhibit Gives You License To Explore The Secret World Of Espionage

on April 1, 2013

Spy Exhibit - Discovery Times Square

Looking for cool things to do in New York this weekend?

SPY: The Secret World of Espionage offers visitors the chance to see the first-ever public exhibition of treasures and memorabilia from the CIA, the FBI, the NRO and H Keith Melton (renowned author and international authority on spy technology).

I can’t think of anything cooler than being able to see real-life gadgets and artifacts from spies and spy-catchers, that make the technology used on shows like Homeland, 24, and Alias seem all the more real. Many of the showcase pieces in the new display at Discovery Times Square have only recently been declassified.

Some of the highlights include:

– Charlie the Catfish, one of two CIA Robotic Catfish
– Sleeping Beauty, the British WWII Two-Man Submersible
– The photography bucket from a CORONA satellite
– Cockpit of the A-12 Oxcart Spy Plane, one of only nine in the world
– KGB Pinhole Drill Kit, used to spy on the US Embassy in Russia

In addition, Big Apple residents will particularly want to take note of the artifacts, surveillance tapes, and other items from the collection of the FBI related to “Ghost Stories,” the infamous Anna Chapman Russuan spy case that consumed so many Americans in 2011. It is said that that the Chapman case is the most successfully foiled clandestine operation in contemporary American history.

Author of Spy’s Guide to New York City, H. Keith Melton says that SPY is something not to be missed.

“It is extremely unusual for the general public to get any glimpse into the real world of espionage, let alone this kind of immersive real experience,” said Melton, an adviser to US intelligence agencies on historical espionage equipment. “The work of the intelligence community today truly influences the news headlines of tomorrow, yet it’s a world that remains a mystery to most people. Nowhere in the world can the general public see what we reveal in Spy.”

Wannabe CIA agents will also get more than they can handle as they will receive an introduction into what it takes to become a spy. Don’t worry, you won’t be shunned if you don’t know how to read invisible ink or decode secret morse code. The exhibition will pull back the curtain on all these spy secrets and more. You’ll even get to be an agent for the day and learn how to disguise and navigate through security laser beams.

SPY: The Secret Worlds Of Espionage ends its run at Discovery Times Square on April 7 before moving to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia where it will open on May 4 and run through mid-October.

For more information, check out DiscoveryTSX.com