Things To Do In Buffalo: Wiggle Your Way To The Jell-O Museum

on July 8, 2013

Picture of Jell-O Gallery Interior

Looking for something to do in Buffalo this weekend?

Here’s an idea that’ll have you giggling & jiggling: How about visiting the birthplace of an iconic all-American dessert? Try a trip to the Jell-O Museum in New York.

A visit the Jell-O Gallery Museum makes for a quirky stop in Western New York. Here, you can learn about the history of this over 100-year old dessert. The Jell-O Gallery Museum (23 E Main St, Le Roy NY) is located in Le Roy, about an hour east of Buffalo or half an hour from Rochester. It may be a small venue – but it’s filled with character.

Follow the little packet’s history from it’s humble beginnings in Le Roy, NY to when it left the town in 1964 – and beyond.

Let a knowledgeable and friendly guide tell you the history of Jell-O; and about it’s amazingly (and amusingly) successful marketing story through the years.

Learn random facts, like that the first four Jell-O flavours were orange, lemon, strawberry and raspberry (lime wasn’t introduced until 1930). Or that the original recipe was sold for $450 in 1899.

Find flavors of Jell-O like “seasoned tomato” – for use in salads, and a number of nostalgic / retro advertisements and packaging.

There is also a Bill Cosby exhibit – since Cosby has been a spokesperson for Jell-O for over 30 years (since 1974).

As a bonus, the Gallery’s gift shop offers a variety of fun, unique Jell-O related merchandise for you to take home and/or show off in order to profess your undying love of this particular gelatinous dessert, including t-shirts, golf shirts, golf accessories, stuffed animals, boxer shorts, thimbles, clocks, cups, mugs, totes, kitchen accessories, and of course… Jell-O molds.

Definitely a great way to stretch (or wiggle) your legs if traveling through the area – or part of a fun little day trip if you are nearby.

For more information, visit the Jell-O Gallery’s website.

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