The Happy Ending Bar Is The Perfect Beginning To Any LA Weekend

on July 12, 2013

The Happy Ending Bar & Restaurant

One of my favorite places in Los Angeles is The Happy Ending Bar & Restaurant. While many Weekendtrip tourists might not know about it, it is definitely a favorite among LA locals.

In terms of what is offered, Happy Endings (as it is more commonly known) features something for everybody. The downstairs area and restaurant portion of the bar primarily attracts a college crowd of twentysomethings. The raucous vibe at night when the DJ spins modern tracks fused with yesterday’s classics is a breath of fresh air in a Hollywood area that is primarily known for being prissy and pompous.

While there are dance floors available on both floors, the larger of the two sits on the upper level which resembles more of a poor man’s nightclub. While it certainly isn’t the ritziest lounge you will find in the Hollywood area, it certainly does have its own appeal as its lack of dress code requirement allows for a communal atmosphere. After all, you can drink and dance without having to worry about the pretentious need to wear dress shoes and collared shirts.

In addition to the hipster vibe, there are other elements of The Happy Ending (7038 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood CA) that make it the perfect multi-purpose venue.

If you want to catch a UFC fight, head to Happy Endings. If you feel like dinner, try the “Take Off Your Skirt” skirt steak (I told you the place operated under college rules) or the “Baby Got Back” pork ribs. If you feel like dancing and avoid feeling like you are being judged by anyone, head to Happy Endings.

In addition to the above, The Happy Ending also features a karaoke night, and is also known for its drink wheel which is spun almost hourly and offers discounted drinks (what could be better than that).

Conveniently located on Sunset, The Happy Ending is across the street from In-N-Out Burger and IHop for late-night eats and is just a short drive from the Sunset Strip if you feel like you need to end the night at classier digs including the Chateau Marmont.

More information is available at The Happy Ending Bar.