The First Annual Toronto Black Film Festival

on February 14, 2013

Toronto Black Film Festival, TIFF Bell Lightbox

What do F. Gary Gray, Antoine Fuqua, Carl Franklin, John Singleton, and Spike Lee have in common?

Give up?

All of them are well-respected African American filmmakers and arguably the top five ever in African American filmmaking history.

So if you’re a Weekendtripper who loves African American culture, this weekend’s historic moment knocks on your front door. Be part of history this weekend, walk out the front door and on to the red carpet and watch the first annual Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF) at the TIFF Bell LightBox.

The film festival goes through the entire weekend ending February 17th, featuring special Opening and Closing films such as, “Nairobi Half Life” and “Last Flight To Abuja”; Nollywood Specials such as, “Phone Swap” and “Turning Point”; Narrative Feature Films such as, “Case Depart,” “Inside Story,” and “Meneges Humains”; Documentary features such as, “Charles Bradley: Soul of America” and “Slavery By Another Name,” and much more.

Toronto Black Film Festival Tickets

Films will screen at the TIFF Bell Light Box (Opening Film only ā€“ 350 King Street West), the Royal Cinema (608 College Street) and the Carlton Cinema (20 Carlton Street). Passport card and individual tickets are available in person at the theatre, or at the Toronto Black Film website.

For more information view Toronto Black Film Festival or call Angie Burns