The Empire State Building & Ford Field…Made Out Of LEGO?

on February 1, 2013

LEGO Towering Ambition Exhibit

I remember seeing a LEGO commercial when I was a kid that made it seem like anything could be built out of the building blocks that have been a childhood staple since 1949. If anyone needed more proof of this fact, they can find it at a new Detroit LEGO exhibit.

The Henry Ford Museum (20900 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn MI) hosts LEGO Architecture: Towering Ambition where LEGO Certified Professional Adam Reed Tucker has recreated famous landmarks using only LEGO bricks. The showcase opened in November and runs on weekends until February 24.

The highlight is Tucker’s newest construction of Detroit’s Ford Field. Using the same blue prints from the construction of Ford Field, Adam Reed Tucker has rescaled the 1.85 million square foot complex into a 5-by-5 foot LEGO® sized structure.

“The planning and efforts that went into the design and construction of Ford Field were remarkable,” said Detroit Lions Team President Tom Lewand. “Having it commemorated as one of Detroit’s most iconic structures and having a LEGO model built and displayed along with some of the world’s most celebrated architecture is both flattering and humbling.”

The 13 LEGO model buildings include Fallingwater, 7 South Dearborn, Chicago Spire, John Hancock Center, Marina City, Willis Tower, Trump Tower, Burj Khalifa, Empire State Building, St. Louis Arch, TransAmerica Building, Jin Mao Tower, and one of the World Trade Center Towers.

In addition to appreciating the sheer magnificence of Tucker’s work, visitors also have the chance to participate themselves. LEGO blocks are available to create your own version of your city’s landmark in an adjoining play pit. Using the principles of urban design, you can choose what kind of dwelling you’d like to try from four different property types (residential, commercial, institutional or industrial). When you are done, you can place your masterpiece on a city map that grows with every building added.

Other features include a play area for toddlers and “Learn-To-Build Saturdays” where kids can learn how to build a miniature of the Museum’s Clocktower. You can even purchase it when you’re done!

To win two tickets to see the exhibit, enter our Weekendtrips LEGO contest before February 11!

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