The Doc Sweets Candy Shop Might Be The Sweetest Spot In Detroit

on November 6, 2013


Do you have a sweet tooth?

Do you find yourself looking at the dessert menu before you even decide on your appetizer?

Would you prefer a Hershey Kiss to one from your significant other?

Doc Sweets (120 S. Rochester Rd., Clawson MI) is the biggest candy store in Michigan. The store is owned by David Sklena, also known as the “Candy Man” and opened in 2008.

The store features candy and plenty of it. In the back, visitors will find various bulk bins where you can buy cavities by the pound. The bulk section features more than 250 items, with 12 different flavors of rock candy and 37 different flavors of original candy sticks.

What makes the spot unique, however, is the nostalgic candy that is available that includes the rare Wonka Bar and how these are fused with newer items like chocolate covered crickets and candy scorpions. There are more than 2000 pounds of candy in the store and prices for each piece vary from 10 cents for a piece of candy to $5.99 for a 1-pound Sugar Daddy bar.

The 5,000 foot square store is open daily and is definitely worth checking out.

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