The Best Burger In Ottawa? Stop By The Works This Weekend & Find Out…

on September 17, 2013

burger on a plate
Looks like you’re long overdue for a burger Weekendtripper, and your best option in Ottawa right now is a 100-per-cent-freshly-made-Canadian-beef patty from The WORKS — an Ottawa-bred restaurant obsessed with making the world’s best gourmet burgers.

Big League

There are burgers…And then there are burgers masterminded by places like The WORKS. Here you’ll discover an entire field of topping options, sucking burger lovers into a new dimension that transforms a typical burger experience into an adventure filled with surprise and approval.

Starting Six

Indeed, The WORKS has been shaking the burger world in Ottawa for years, and the following six go-to patties are mainly the reason why. Pick and choose accordingly:

1) gourmet ground beef;
2) whole chicken breast;
3) ground turkey;
4) gourmet veggie;
5) portobello mushroom cap;
6) lean domestic elk.

It’s true when they say, too many choices can kill a man/woman. If you’re struggling over what to order, Weekendtrips recommends any one of the three burger options below.

Cracker Jack: The WORKS CEO Andy O’brien goes on record saying that the Cracker Jack is his ultimate favourite on the menu. It’s a savoury burger with peppercorn crust, banana peppers, jack cheese & hotter than hell sauce.

The Dead Ringer: Boasts an all-Canadian beefy burger, accompanied with a blanket of onion rings, jack cheese, bbq sauce, and brisket.

Hold the Phone: A great option for the vegetarian, this burger is topped with peanut butter, cream cheese, and jack cheese.


And there you have it fellow Weekendtrippers, The WORKS, one of our favouriite burger spots in Ottawa. Keep in mind, there are a lot of locations plotted throughout Ontario. It’s also interesting to note that each location offers a customizable topping menu, one that defines each region. For more information and find a location nearest you please visit the official The WORKS website.

  • bobobobob

    What about the Sk8ter Boy? Similar to the Hold the Phone, but with BACON instead of cream cheese.

  • MarkL

    Vera’s burger in Ottawa is hands down the best. Chez Lucien next.