The ArcLight Is The Best Movie Theater In Hollywood

on September 23, 2013


While Hollywood is known for being where movies are made, one theater in the city has garnered a reputation for being the best place to watch them.

The ArcLight Hollywood (6360 West Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood CA) is a 14-screen multiplex theater, where each screen features stadium seating.

When purchasing tickets, you can select exactly where you’d like to sit instead of scrambling to find something that works like a Southwest flight.

There are no ads or movie trivia displayed prior to the movies and the only promotional material shown to the audience before the film are trailers for other movies.

What the ArcLight is most known for is the way movies are presented to the audience.

At showtime and before the trailers begin, an “Usher Greeter” introduces the film to the audience and states the theatre’s policies regarding quality assurance. In addition to two ushers remaining in the theater until a few minutes after a movie has started (to ensure that the picture and sound quality is acceptable), they also prevent anyone from entering the theater five minutes after the scheduled start of a film.

One of the best parts about seeing a movie at the ArcLight is that the cinema often holds “21+” screenings where patrons must be of legal drinking age allowing for audience members to drink alcohol (purchased from the theater’s bar) inside the theater.

Since 2011, all ArcLight locations show digital presentations of their features.

For more information or to pick a movie to check out, visit Arc Light Cinemas.