The 5 Best iPhone Travel Apps

on January 24, 2013

iphone5 close-up screen

Planning a Weekendtrip? What about one that extends a little beyond the yonder and into international borders?

If you’re like me and are relatively new to the iPhone experience (former BlackBerry diehard), it’s absolutely incredible how much you can do with the best smartphone out there, specifically in the realm of travel.

But don’t worry. We have quick guide on the iPhone travel apps you must download if you have more air miles than you can count.

1. Instagram

This is the best travel app bar none. After you take a photo (or you can even take one within the app itself), you choose one of the many filters available to spruce it up. Think of it almost like Photoshop for dummies on the go. After you’re done tagging and hashtagging it, you can choose which social networks you’d like to share the photo with. Options include Twitter, Facebook, Four Square and flickr). The entire process is less than a minute. So whether you find yourself taking the Edgewalk at CN Tower, or checking out the Eiffel Tower in France, you not only can tell your friends why your weekend is better than theirs, you can show them.

2. Diptic

Okay, now that you have figured out Instagram, it’s time to take your mobile Weekendtrip photos to the next level. Diptic lets you combine several photos into a collage. Forget about trying to figure out a photo-editing program on your laptop. All you have to do is pic which frame you like, how many photos you want to include and then place them inside each open frame spot. You can even adjust the type and width of the border you’d like. The best part is that you don’t have to upload each photo individually, so sharing a series of pics from your holiday vacation is that much easier… and more importantly… that much faster. Quick flag though, this one costs $0.99.

3. PicFrame

Same as above, but free!

4. Tripit

I absolutely love the Tripit app. After you register your email address with it, it automatically scans and uploads your flight itineraries, hotel reservations and shuttle schedule and puts into a handy guide for you. No more printing out confirmation numbers. It’s all in your phone. Buying the Pro version will allow you to track all your frequent flyer miles as well.

5. Tripomatic

While we here at Weekendtrips, consider ourselves to be your Tripomatic, there is an app with the same title. You just plug in your destination, how long you plan to stay for and the app plots out attractions and things to do on a map while you are there.