The 10 Most Haunted Places in Michigan

on October 31, 2013


The last time we ran a feature on the Ten Most Haunted Places in Michigan, you guys responded like we had never seen before. The comments were tremendous, and I get the heebie-jeebies reading through them. Now the time has come to publish the sequel to “The Ten Most Haunted Places in Michigan,” and if you know anything about sequels, they are gorier, scarier, and even more extreme than the originals, so prepare accordingly.

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse, Presque Isle

This lighthouse is perched on Lake Huron and was active for 31 years before a turn of events left it seemingly haunted. There are tales of screams coming from the tower, which are rumored to belong to a keeper’s wife who had been locked up there. The real hauntings come from a different lighthouse keeper, George Parris, and his wife. These two moved into the keeper’s cottage in the 199′s to run the lighthouse, manage the museum, and give tours. After Parris passed, the permanently disabled light from the lighthouse continues to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn every day. This lighthouse and its grounds are open to the public mid-May through mid-October.

Calumet Theatre, Calumet

This theatre originally opened as an Opera House in 1900 before making a gradual transition to plays and films. It has two balconies that are fairly large and the theatre as a whole holds about 700 people. The original ghost story begins with an actress named Madame Helena Modjeska who preformed at this venue during her life. Sometime in the 1950s, an actress was onstage and forgot her lines. As the rumor goes, she looked up into one of the balconies and discovered Modjeska up there, mouthing the lines to her. Currently, theatre-goers have said they feel eery presences, sudden gusts of cold air, and hear music that does not seem to come from a source.

The Tunnels of the Northville Psychiatric Hospital, Northville Township

Psychiatric hospitals have always been known for their paranormal activity. Nothing is more frightening than knowing thousands of people died unconventional deaths while locked up against their will. The Northville Psychiatric Hospital was built in 1952 and shut down for good in 2003. Being such a large psychiatric hospital with many buildings, this hospital was constructed with many tunnels leading to the various buildings. These tunnels were used for transporting patients during times of unfavorable weather (this is Michigan, you know). These tunnels are unable to be visited, something that is strictly enforced by the local law enforcement. However, those who have managed to get inside report feelings of being touched and breathed on by unknown sources. Mysterious noises such as footsteps and chains clanking have been reported as well.

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  • Alice

    The old Presque isle lighthouse, George and Lorraine Parris moved into this lighthouse in 1977. It was in 1992 that George passed away and Lorraine continued on working and living there. She lived there until 1997 when the township of Presque isle took over. She was no longer able to live there but continued to work on for 4 more years. Then the township decided that she wasn’t needed there anymore and she left. She is now 89 years old and living in Alpena, Michigan. The 2nd weekend of October you will find her at the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival. I know this because they are my parents.