Tap Into This Brewery Weekend Trip From Chicago

on October 9, 2013

Milwaukee Brewing Co.

Are you a beer-ficionado? Can’t get enough of your local craft brewery? If you’ve already checked out the Top Five Breweries in Chicago – how about a little road trip? Head north parallel to the shore of Lake Michigan, and in less than two hours you’ll find a city so synonymous with beer, they’ve named their baseball team in it’s honor.

There are a number of local breweries to check out in Milwaukee (there is also the MillerCoors tour, but we tend to prefer craft brews). You won’t want to miss the Milwaukee Brewing Company‘s tour: a unique and delicious experience!

The Milwaukee Brewing Company (613 S 2nd St, Milwaukee WI) may not be oldest, as it was established in 1997, under the name of “Milwaukee Ale House”, but this brewery draws on the historic past of the city while incorporating it’s own innovative (and tasty!) touch. Using local ingredients and suppliers, the brewery creates a number of year-round and seasonal craft ales while remaining focused on quality and committed to sustainability.

The folks at MKE (short for Milwaukee Brewing Co.) are laid-back and truly passionate about their product. The tour gets you up close and personal with the brewing process, which uses vintage equipment and modern technology. It includes, not only a pint glass to take home with you, but also LOTS of refills.

Conveniently located, the brewery is within walking distance of plenty of restaurants and other attractions nearby.

  • Enjoy with: Buddies, on a weekend with the gals or the bros, with your lover – but perhaps minus the kids.
  • Admission: Tours are $10 and includes a MKE Brewing pint glass and beer samples.
  • Hours: Brewery tours take place every half-hour on Fridays 4-6:30pm, and Saturdays 2-4pm, followed by an Open House 5-7pm (the Open House is more of a time to hang out and taste a few beers, and does include shorter tours, usually with more of a crowd).
  • Visitor tips: Come thirsty – the beer’s a-flowing!
  • For more information or to book a tour, check out the Milwaukee Brewing Company‘s official website (reservations are a good idea, but spontaneous walk-ins are welcome).

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