Take A Step Back In Time On LA’s Carroll Avenue

on August 23, 2013

Angelino Heights

Angelino Heights is an historic neighborhood tucked away near Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium. The Victorian houses are Queen Anne and Eastlake style classified as cultural historical monuments. You can take a walk along Carroll Avenue and it stands out as quite a contrast from the other streets in the area. Unsurprisingly many of the houses have been used in many movies and TV shows;

1329 Carroll Avenue is The Innes House, built in 1887 for Councilman Daniel Innes but is most famous for being the house from the TV series Charmed where the Halliwell sisters live (the show is set in San Francisco).

1338 Carroll Avenue was used in the filming of J Edgar Hoover starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, if you look on Google Street view you can see the movie cameras filming outside this house!

1345 Carroll Avenue (with the very rare Morten Fig tree in the front garden) was used in Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. Towards the end of the video, his girlfriend runs to a house to escape the zombies and this is the house she runs to.

You can explore the street by yourself just remember these are private homes so please do not knock on doors or walk into private gardens as to do so would be trespassing or you can take a two hour guided tour of the area including the inside of two homes with the Los Angeles Conservatory who run a tour on the first Saturday of each month for just $10. Tickets and further details are on their website.