Take A Sip of Hollywood History

on October 10, 2013

formosa cafe

Take a step back in time this weekend with Los Angeles’ Formosa Cafe (7156 Santa Monica Blvd, 90046) which is rammed with Hollywood history, but you may recognize the Formosa from the movie LA Confidential where Ed Exley wrongly accuses Lana Turner of being a hooker ‘cut’ to resemble the actress.

It was and is still a favorite haunt of celebrities as the framed pictures on the dark red walls will attest – over 250 framed head shots, many of them signed by the Hollywood elite who used to dine here; Marilyn Monroe used to hang out here whilst filming Some Like It Hot, in one of the nearby studios, Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable have eaten meals at the Cafe and legend has it that Frank Sinatra spent many nights at the Formosa pining over Ava Gardner. After one particularly heavy night, John Wayne fell asleep in a booth – being too big to move, the staff locked him in and left him there, when they came back in the morning, he was in the kitchen whipping up breakfast!

Grab a booth that used to be reserved for celebrities (should they be in town) the first one for Eva Garner, the second Tony Curtis, then Marilyn Monroe’s booth, Elvis’s booth and lastly Lana Turner, or avoid the crowds and sit in the caboose, order a martini from the waitresses (they have always been very nice) and try to imagine it back in the day.