Make History And Take A Ride On Angels Flight, The World’s Shortest Funicular Railway

on August 2, 2013

Angels Flight

Angels Flight (350 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, 90071) is a funicular railway that opened in 1901 as the world’s shortest funicular railway. The railway is 91 meters (298 feet) long on an approximately 33% grade.

Bunker Hill at the time was filled with lavish two-story Victorian homes for the upper class, educated residents of Los Angeles that lived there and needed a way to get down the hill to work. Back then the tracks connected Hill Street and Olive Street, and it operated there until 1969, after the wealth Angelinos had moved out to the suburbs and no longer lived in the area, and the site was cleared for redevelopment as part of the Bunker Hill slum clearance to make way for the skyscrapers surrounding the area today.

During that time the two cars Sinai and Olivet, and the rest of the station then sat in storage for 27 years until it was rebuilt and reopened on February 24, 1996, a half block south of the original site with tracks connecting Hill Street and California Plaza. This is the site of Angels Flight today. It was re-closed again in 2001, after a fatal accident, and took nine years to commence operations again, on March 15, 2010.

You can purchase a 50-cent ticket or pick up a $1 souvenir round trip ticket. Hop onboard and take the train down the hill, where you will get off and walk across the street to Grand Central Market for something to eat, or just sit and wait for the trip back up the hill!