Take A Break From The City – Explore The Delaware Canal Park

on August 1, 2013

Photo or Delaware Canal State Park

If you’re spending time in Philadephia and are looking for a short escape from the city for a weekend or a day trip, check out the natural sights and sounds of the historic Delaware Canal park.

The Delaware Canal State Park runs 60 miles long, beside the Delaware Canal, all the way from Easton to Bristol. The park can be accessed at several spots along the way.

Right beside the Delaware Canal, there’s the old tow path which was once used by mules towing barges along the canal route. Now it’s a favorite spot for cyclists and joggers during most of the year, and even cross-country skiers in the winter.

A stroll or bike ride through the canal park will take you not only through the riverside scenery and the historic locks, but through historic towns, and farm fields (photo above).

One interesting place to access the park is in New Hope (about an hour northeast of Philadephia). New Hope itself is a historic village that started out as an industrial town, dating back to the 1700’s. There are lots of art galleries and shops in heritage buildings around town for you to browse and restaurants for you to re-fuel with some delicious local food, after spending a morning at the park.

Another spot is at the Giving Pond Recreation Area (located across the river from Frenchtown, NJ). There are also picnic tables around Giving Pond. Here there are opportunities for canoeing, fishing and numerous other activities to do.

The park also offers a large number of environmental, historical and recreational programs. Contact the park for information on everything from boating, birdwatching and rock climbing. Or, visit the Delaware Canal State Park‘s official website.

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