Swing On By The Adelaide Club For Rumble 3

on January 17, 2013

red and white boxing gloves on a gym wall

Cue in legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer, drop the mic, and do away with those Da Vinci-Code-albino-priest-eque sweat suits and let’s get ready to rummmmmblllle!

But will there be bad blood? Will there be heartache? Will there be a beautiful muse tip toeing up and down the ring after each round flashing us “cards”? Will someone snap and bite off an ear? One sure hopes so.

And it’s true. Boxing isn’t for the faint of heart. It isn’t for the peace-loving hippy or wholesome family party or altruistic self-righteous loner.

It’s for the Weekend Tripper who thirsts for new experiences. And yes, perhaps I look too deep into this topic.

Perhaps I too love the odd boxing match, the blood, and the glory.

And yes, perhaps today’s post is to simply highlight a good old fashion boxing fight. I mean, when was the last time you saw two top physical specimens go head-to-head and well…knock heads without seeing a bouncer jump in?

Aren’t you a tad bit curious? And if this is up your alley, check out the The Adelaide Club this weekend for Rumble 3.

For the first timer, Rumble 3 is an annual boxing event presented and hosted by The Adelaide Club, one of Toronto’s top-tier fitness centres downtown renowned for producing high-end athletes.

The event will gather some of Toronto’s top fitness trainers for one night to decide who will be the toughest SOB in the city; you know how it is, “the tougher the trainer, the better the results.”

The card features thirteen featured fights, both men and women, and marquees main event: Blair Lyon (AC General Manager) Vs. Nigel Fox (AC Member).

Tickets go for $25 a pop plus tax and can be purchased at the front desk of The Adelaide Club located at First Canadian Place, 100 King Street West, Toronto.

For more information call 416-367-9957 or visit www.adelaideclub.com.