Stunning Time-Lapse Takes You Around The World In Under 5 Minutes

on January 25, 2013

hot air balloons in Turkey

You can’t help but feel an incy-wincy bit envious of William Lam, diehard traveler and producer of YouTube video, ”Speeding Around the World in Under 5-Minutes Time Lapse.”

On his 343-day journey across the world, Lam showcases the aesthetics from 17 different countries, 19 various plane altitudes, 58 buss stops, and 18 beautiful horizons from 18 different boat rides — and of course everything is documented with 6, 237 photos. From Yosemite, USA to El Tatio, Chile to Pai, Thailand and back again William Lam’s time-lapse is a source of inspiration for any traveler young or old to get off the couch, put on that back pack, and #Live52.

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