Square One Mississauga Goes Out-Of-The-Box With New Food Court

on August 27, 2013

Square One Food Central

At Square One, deliciousness is truly just the beginning and if you are looking to enhance your shopping experience this weekend, this Mississauga mall won’t just fill your shopping cart but your tastebuds as well.

The Square One Shopping Centre recently unveiled its newly expanded food court, dubbed “Food Central” as the first phase of its $320 million dollar development project. The results have transformed the building from your average run-of-the-mill mall to a state-of-the-art shopping epicenter that now offers high-end fast food to complement its preexisting eateries.

As part of the new look, Square One welcomes seven new restaurants to its food court and these include:

Amaya - Square One Shopping Centre's Food Central (Photo Credit:  Square One Shopping Centre)

The Amaya menu features a host of Indian flavours, ranging from butter chicken, masala lamb limb and steak vindaloo to samosa chat, aloo ghobi and naan bread. The food also fuses the East and West tastes.

Big Smoke Burger - Square One Shopping Centre's Food Central (Photo Credit:  Square One Shopping Centre)

Big Smoke Burger
Big Smoke Burger is a gourmet burger restaurant where 6 oz. burgers are made to order. The chuck meat is made from AAA beef and there are plenty of signature sauces and gourmet toppings that make it a premium burger destination.


Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chipotle specializes in Mexican options and the eatery serves burritos, bowls, salads and tacos. The food is prepared using old-school methods. Examples of this traditional cooking method include braising their carnitas and barbacoa for hours and hand-mashing 48 avocados to prepare one batch of guacamole at a time.

Cultures - Square One Shopping Centre's Food Central (Photo Credit:  Square One Shopping Centre)

If you are looking for healthier eating options while shopping in a mall, Cultures is what you have been waiting for. The fresh sandwiches and salads available are made in-house.

Shanghai 360 - Square One Shopping Centre's Food Central (Photo Credit:  Square One Shopping Centre)

Shanghai 360
Shanghai 360 puts a new spin (pun intended) on a classic Chinese dish… dumplings. The Shanghai dumplings are offered in just about every variation possible. There are pan-fried dumplings, pot sticker dumplings, and steamed vegetarian dumplings just to name a few. All of them are made in-house and the location invites customers to view them being made. In addition to their specialties, there are also noodle dishes and soups available.

Su&Shi Noodle Bar - Square One Shopping Centre's Food Central (Photo Credit:  Square One Shopping Centre)

Su&Shi Noodle Bar
You can’t really reinvent a mall food court without adding a sushi option and Su&Shi Noodle Bar fills this hole nicely for Square One’s revamped Food Central. The restaurant is modeled after the latest Ramen bars in Japan. On the Su&Shi menu, you will find Ramen noodle soups, sushi, sashimi, stir-fried noodles and Teppan.


Szechuan Express
If you are in the mood for a little Dim Sum or Crispy Ginger Beef, Szechuan offers these and more. You can even customize your own noodle soup or try their new Manchurian Chicken.

In addition to the new eateries, there is a new focus on the environment at Square One’s Food Central, which is the first food court in Canada to use a scullery service. Instead of eating on and disposing of damaging Styrofoam plates, the scullery services allows customers to eat on real table wear which is estimated to reduce food court waste by 60 per cent or 720 tons of waste each year. This is in addition to introducing a new dishwashing system and a Green Steps program where mall tenants will be asked to recycle according to Elena Price, Director of Marketing at Oxford Properties.

“The whole scullery itself with real plates just takes it up another notch. You’re not eating on Styrofoam. Now you are served on real plate wear. Impact on the environment is huge for us. It’s more elegant,” Price said. “You don’t have to go to a fine-dining restaurant to say ‘I am going to have a nice meal on a real plate with cutlery’ and only have half an hour to do it.”

When asked if the higher-end fast-food restaurants are designed to attract wealthier customers to the mall, Price said that it was just about giving all of their customers more of an option.

“In the past, we have always appealed to the regular customer. Because of the expansion, it offers our customers with a more distinguished taste an option. We have kept a lot of the current vendors,” Price said. “Some are actually renovating their spaces because they want to look nice too.”

When quizzed about whether the transition to upscale would alienate regular customers, Price said that the additions aren’t necessary out of the normal food court price range and that the mall conducted research and focus groups to make sure the right additions were selected.

“They are not necessarily high-end. They are not chains. When we were conceptualizing Food Central, we were wondering what we would add to what we already have. We’re not going to add Wendy’s because we already have Burger King. But Big Smoke offers organic. There are certain things about what they offer that no one else does,” she said. “So it isn’t really higher-end. You know it is a couple of dollars more. It’s not that much of a difference. If you still want your regular burger, you still have options. It’s just for the person that wants something a little bit different. When you go healthy, it’s always a little bit more expensive just because of the quality of the products.”

The Square One spokesperson also talking about the mall upgrading to suit the changing needs of its Mississauga customers.

“In Mississauga, the demographic is changing. There are new immigrants, but these people are educated, professional, and they dress very well. We know that from the retailers we are bringing in and how well they are doing. If they are here shopping, we want their entire experience to be first-class as well.”

With the seven new restaurants, Square One Shopping Centre now offers shoppers 26 different eating options. For more information, check out ShopSquareOne.com

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    Recently ordered the paneer dish at Amaya at square one….absolutely horrid and stale. No indian would stand behind any of their dishes.