Spruce Court Co-Op Offers Beautiful Daytrip Idea & Look At Subsidized Housing

on June 20, 2013

Spruce Court Co-Op

Subsidized housing will always be a point of debate in terms of being an outdated model of revitalization with a pure intent but often resulting in abuses. Others maintain that that there are not enough social services in the city and as a result, more housing should be constructed to help the socially disadvantaged.

What is not up for argument is the beauty that you will find at the corner of Spruce and Sumac Streets (330 Sumach Street, Toronto ON) in Toronto. The Arts & Crafts-styled collection of buildings at the corner of Spruce and Sumac Streets in Toronto may not convince everyone, but they certainly are an argument in favour of private/public housing. The Spruce Court Co-Op is 100 years old this year.

Being the oldest example of cooperative housing in Canada, the staying power of the design originally conceptualized by architect Eden Smith makes a strong case for function over form and low-rise affordable housing in Toronto.

Originally built in 1913, the buildings are known for their open-concept courtyards and unique slope-style roofs.

Definitely worth a look-see on a short daytrip from Toronto.