Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Preview: “L’air du Temps”

on September 30, 2013

l'air du temps

When the clock strikes 6:51 p.m. on October 5th, Toronto’s streets will transform into an open-air art gallery for the eighth annual Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. The overnight arts festival will be showcasing works from hundreds of artists until the crack of dawn.

Off To a Flying Start is one of the three major exhibitions at this year’s festival. The show pulls together various installations that are, in part, inspired by Marcel DuChamp’s contemporary approach to everyday objects.

Faith La Rocque is a Toronto-based artist behind the exhibition’s scent-based installation called “l’air du temps.” Her inspiration goes back to December 27th, 1919, when Marcel DuChamp bought a glass vial in Paris. He brought the vial to a chemist, had the chemist empty the contents, and then had him reseal the vial so that it simply contained air. The readymade piece, which is now known as “Air of Paris” or “Air de Paris,” influenced La Rocque to create an aromatic atmosphere that attempts to bring spectators back in time to Paris, 1919.

La Rocque’s interest in the arts began at a very young age having been surrounded by the creative minds of her mother, a filmmaker, and her grandmother, a painter. She graduated with a bachelor of fine arts at Concordia University and continued on to study her masters degree in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work often explores themes of health or wellness and pays close attention to the sensory experience. La Rocque has exhibited her work throughout Europe and North America, and is now represented by De Luca Fine Art here in Toronto. This will be her first year participating in Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

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