Romantic Date Ideas For Men In Montreal

on September 19, 2013

picture of a love letter and a feather pen

Tired of searching Google for romantic date ideas in Montreal? Indeed, for most men “Ronnie Romance” is a song and dance we play once or twice a year. Hey, being romantic is difficult for most of us and a lot of work — especially when you’re incredibly busy (I know it’s no excuse). So to help take the pressure off and get those creative juices flowing, Weekendtrips has assembled a quick list of ten romantic dating ideas for all of you to mix and match and take home with you.

Thank me later.

Shop for sexy lingerie
If you’re in a long-term relationship, a successful date always starts and ends with sexy underwear. If it doesn’t, you’re doing it all wrong. For more information check out the Lyla collection for your lovely lady.

Ride a chariot
Breathe in the fresh air and show the world just how you two love birds are still “hot and heavy,” with a majestic chariot ride downtown. Soak in mother nature and hear those hooves clap on the concrete, tres romantique! Visit Lucky Luc for more information.

Book a hotel
Book a hotel downtown Montreal and make sure the front desk has an order of cocktails waiting for you as you check in. A few popular choices include the Fairmont Tremblant, Loews Hotel Vogue, or Hotel Stay Mont-Royal.

Buy chocolates
Buying chocolate is transcribed in the romance world as, “I love you” rather than “I’m sorry.” Le Maitre Chocolatier renders delicious hand-made chocolates for on-the-go quests or romantic dates. Other choices include: Suite 88, a small chocolate workshop in Montreal West; or Les chocolats de Chloe on Duluth Street.

Shop for flowers
Shop for flowers at Pourquoi pas fleurs, and find exotic spreads and designs. For the traditional choice, try delivering two dozen roses to your hotel room and have them set a bed of rose petals via Le Bouquet.

The Atwater Market
If you like to cook, you’re half way there. Take your date to the Atwater Market where you can pick and choose fresh produce and flowers together.

Take a limo
Perfect for a night and the suitor who’s an old fashion cup of class in a glass. Surprise your lovely lady and arrange for a limo to pick you up and take you to a candlelit spot at Mount Royal overlooking the city.

Yes, for most of us romance is an intimate exchange between two kindred spirits, how does a romantic date for two at Le P’Tit Plateau Restaurant on Marie-Anne Street East sound? Enjoy a fine regional French cuisine inspired by the South-West France.

Candle lit massage
Enjoy the option of letting loose before and after a romantic night, check into the Hotel Le St-James, a famous venue known to deliver spa treatment and a staff ready to pamper and answer on every demand on any whim.

Cruise on the St. Lawrence River
Take a cruise down the St Lawrence and take your beloved to the soothing sounds of tranquil water. Watch the sun set on the horizon and witness the cool wind blow her new dress and your favourite scent through the night’s air. View more at the Cruise Saint Lawrence.

And there you have it folks, a little creative juice to help get the ball rolling. If like what you hear or have suggestions, let us know how you’d spend a romantic date in Montreal in the comments box below. Until next post Weekendtripper!

  • so many wonderful things to do in Montreal. Had a ball this winter and can’t wait to go back again this summer!

    • It’s amazing isn’t it? My brother used to live out there on St. Denis; beautiful city. Are you planning another trip anytime soon before Montreal?