Rio de Janeiro Embeds QR Codes On Sidewalks For Tourists

on January 29, 2013

qr code on rio sidewalk

QR Codes: the contemporary hieroglyphic of the modern era and master keys that bridge the digital world with the real world. They take you straight from your smartphone to special deals, contests, games, and ultimately mobile websites. You find them on your favourite or least favourite print ads, buss advertisements, billboards, and now embedded on concrete streets.

Recently Rio De Janeiro officially installed it’s first two-dimensional QR Code at Arpoador, the famous boulder which anchors at the end of Ipadema beach. The city plans to insert over 30 QR codes at popular beaches, resorts, and historic sites; leading all tech savvy users to local information in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Of course, it isn’t as innovative as Google’s Project Glass, but it foreshadows a possible future in tourism in many major cities, including, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Buffalo.

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