[Review] Aria Ristorante, Chef Eron Novalski Serves Up Classic Italian

on September 11, 2013

Aria and Chef Eron Novalski-breast-resize

Aria Ristorante is a breath-taking restaurant. Located inside the TELUS building on York Street, as you step through the doors you walk into a magnificent space filled with large windows that gaze out into the both Union Station and the Air Canada Centre.

Looking around the restaurant, there is a huge wooden sculpture coming from the flooring and the restaurant is washed in tiny red and white lights from the high ceiling. The imagery sets up such a gorgeous statement, but would the food live up to the contemporary restaurant space.

Chef Eron Novalski’s classic Italian menu doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. He tells us that with the menu, “we wanted to get back to the basics of Italian cooking and use good, classic ingredients”. In doing so, Eron tells me that the menu presented at Aria has taken a modern twist on Italian cooking while keeping the comfort of good food.

First things first, Eron presented us a Salmon Crudo ($13 – from their raw menu) with compressed melon, basil & lemon vinaigrette, crispy prosciutto, mint and arugula. Each individual bite was fresh and clean with each individual ingredient speaking for itself. The saltiness of the prosciutto lending itself nicely to the raw salmon bites.

Eron spoke about how with each of his different menu preps he likes to become inspired by where he has been and also what is locally in season. “We will be changing the menu over again in less than one month and it is great to be inspired by what’s in season in Ontario but also what mood you’re in by the different experiences and travels you’ve had.” which lead to our next dish he served us up.

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