[Review] 5th Annual Montreal Oysterfest

on September 13, 2013


We were happy to be invited to the 5th Annual Montreal Oysterfest. This year, Montreal Oysterfest was on September 8th, 2013 on TerrassesBonsecoursIsland.

Your ticket options included a 35$+tax entry ticket with 2 food/drink tickets to use on site or a 65$+tx entry ticket with 10 food/drink tickets.

We assure you, get the more expensive option, there are way too many food and drink options to only have two tickets.

Each additional ticket is 5$, but we were so full and content with our ten tickets, and a few that Vegan Vixen found outside, that we stayed from 1:00 pm โ€“ 9:00pm eating, drinking and enjoying the show!

This year the proceeds of the festival also went to the World Wildlife Fund of Canada. The Divas love eating and drinking for the good of the environment!

For the event, the oysters are picked by the Old Port Fishing Company and this phenomenal event is known for bringing bars, restaurants, foodies and Montreal festival-lovers together in one venue.

If you donโ€™t like oysters, and really, you should LOVE oysters, many of the restaurants had tons of other delicious plates to choose from, or you can blow all of your tickets on booze!

But we really recommend the food.

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