Restaurant Review: Montreal’s Deville Dinerbar

on August 9, 2013

Deville Dinerbar

Here is our restaurant review of Montreal’s Deville Dinerbar

Deville Dinerbar (1425 Rue Stanley, Montreal QC) located on Stanley, is a mix – a throwback to old-school diners with the neon lights and lunch counter but with an updated décor and menu. Seated and ready to start our night, we chose drinks from their inventive cocktail list – the Oprah Pomegranate Martini, the Robert’s Fizz, the Spiked Lee Brooklyn Iced Tea, Black Cherry Lemonade and the drinks kept coming. And this included two fishbowls, the daiquiri with a Bacardi Breezer shared by Diva #1 and Sweet Pea, and the margarita with a Corona which Diva #2 and Vegan Vixen shared. It sounds like we were drinking a lot but we were oddly moderately sober.

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