Relax Like A Local in DC’s Rock Creek Park

on August 14, 2013

Rock Creek park


Life’s a walk in the park when your weekend visit takes you to Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park (Rock Creek and Potomac Pkwy NW, Washington DC).  This unique, beautiful place has it all: organized sports facilities, picnic spots, paved walkways and tree-covered hiking.  It’s accessible from many areas around DC, including the Georgetown waterfront and the surrounding suburbs of Maryland.

Rock Creek Park is over 2,000 acres, with 32 miles of walkways both paved and unpaved.  It offers a nature center, a planetarium, and enough hiking to keep even an ambitious visitor challenged.  Organized tours and classes provide educational opportunities while unscheduled strolls allow a relaxing view of the creek.  It’s likely that you’ll see some tourists at the park but it’s the residents that really care about the area:  it’s not unusual to find someone picking up trash or clearing a path after a storm just because they know it needs to be done.  Dogs splash in the water while runners rest on bridges.  Parents push their babies in strollers.  It’s everything you need to enjoy a break from the rush of sightseeing.

Weekend visitors won’t have to worry about traffic in the park, either: major roadways that cut through the park are closed to vehicles on weekends, to allow more opportunities for worry-free walks, bike rides and other fun activities.