Reclaim The Streets Of LA With CicLAvia

on September 27, 2013


‘Nobody walks in LA’ sang the Missing Persons in the 80s and to an extent that’s still true until CicLAvia events started in Los Angeles in 2010.

Taking it’s name from Ciclovías which started in Bogotá, Colombia, over thirty years ago as a response to the congestion and pollution of city streets. Now they happen throughout Latin America and the United States.

CicLAvia helps Angelinos and visitors reclaim it’s car dominated streets for a few hours making the streets safe for people to walk, skate, and ride their bikes around the city. With activities along the route 
and the chance to see the city up close CicLAvia has become increasingly popular now with three events schedules each year.

The next event ‘The Heart of LA’ is scheduled for Sunday October 6th from 9am to 4pm and will take place downtown Los Angeles giving people a chance to leisurely enjoy some the amazing architecture of the city’s origins. Even if you don’t have a bike you can enjoy the event on foot, on skates or you can even hire a bike for the day.

The fabulous Los Angeles pop culture expert Charles Phoenix will be giving an hour walking tour of Chinatown on the day for $39 sharing the stories, and glories, of one of LA’s most exotic themed environments and precious pop cultural resources. See website for tickets.

Whether you walk, cycle, stroll or skate be sure to take plenty of water (although there are water stops), sunscreen and cash, as there will be food trucks and stalls. For more details on the event including maps see website.