Post-Independence Day Blues? You Can Still Check Out Fireworks At Detroit’s Greenfield Village

on July 9, 2013

Greenfield Village Fireworks

If you find yourself still craving some good ol’ fashioned patriotism in the form of exploding things in the sky after the Fourth of July has passed, fear not: Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI has just what you need and more.

The 80-acre blast to the past known to Michiganders as Greenfield Village is typically a haven where people of all ages can satisfy their primal urges to churn butter and ride a steam engine train. This Wednesday through Saturday, however, Greenfield villagers will have the opportunity to combine a love of history with explosives in the form of an old-timey fireworks party.

Starting around 6 p.m., visitors will be able to enjoy other-era novelties like 19th-century lawn games, picnicking with food from award-winning chefs, and performances by the 1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps and the River Raisin Ragtime Review.

While the main stars of the show will of course be the fireworks, they’ll be accompanied by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, which will be performing Tchaikovsky’s ever-explosive piece, 1812 Overture. Everyone knows that 1812 isn’t complete without a few canon bursts during the performance, so there will be the cannon from Loomis Battery competing against the booming fireworks above Greenfield Village.

Anyone with stars and stripes running through their veins–or anyone who simply didn’t get their fix of fireworks on the Fourth of July–should be sure to check out the display at Greenfield Village the next couple of days. Ticket prices range from free to $27 depending on age and day if purchase. Visit the Greenfield Village website ( to learn more.