Pierce-Arrow Museum Hits The Mark In Buffalo For Vintage Car Fans

on November 4, 2013


One of the best little museums in Buffalo is one that you probably haven’t heard about.

The Pierce-Arrow Museum (263 Michigan Ave., Buffalo NY) is home to a widespread collection of Pierce-Arrow automobiles that were originally manufactured in Buffalo. Considered to be the Maserati cars of their generation, the Pierce-Arrow cars were known to be the selected vehicle of the elite during their hey-day between 1901 and 1938.

In 1933, Pierce-Arrow the company tried to reinvent itself with the completely different Silver Arrow model in an attempt to win over the wealthy at the New Yor Auto Show with the “Suddenly it’s 1940!” slogan. Unfortunately, after selling five models, it’s $10,000 price tag at the height of the Depression was too much.

In addition to the Pierce-Arrow models, the museum also hosts a wide collection of other vintage cars.

There are plans to build a Frank Lloyd Designed filling stations in one of the Museum’s new wins, one of his rare designs that was never constructed and that has been authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

For more information about the Pierce-Arrow Museum, visit pierce-arrow.com